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Interview with Exchange 4 Media – Delhi India

I did the following interview after the panel discussion organized by Exchange 4 Media with some of the top Indian Digital Marketers at ‘Digital 3.0: A Roundtable on Marketing Strategies in a Digital World’ in Delhi India on January 17, 2011. As you would expect, some of my comments were controversial – especially when I suggested many old fashioned agencies deserve to die for not evolving their services.

Connected Marketing Week

The editorial geniuses at SES and ClickZ have developed a week long “festival” named “Connected Marketing Week” which they describe as “A New Era of Information, Marketing, and Insights” all under the banner of “Connected Marketing Week.

This event piggybacks on the hugely successful Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Francisco but loops in all of the other forms or marketing in an attempt to help marketers understand that it is all connected and not a bunch of silos.

Each day of week has a different theme and the mandate to speakers is to try to show the connections. With the increasing fragmentation of all forms of media marketers need to starting looking broadly at all the connection points where they can intersect with consumers. As I have always said we need to find multiple ways to “attract, engage and retain” consumers and those who do this will be successful.

On Friday ClickZ is putting on the Integrated Marketing Forum

This one-day forum will examine the latest marketing strategies, including social media, mobile, and search marketing, for global markets with a special emphasis on the Asia-Pacific and Latin America.  For each of those markets ClickZ has identified true experts who will offer an immersion into the details and opportunities of digital marketing in the fast growing markets of Japan, China, Russia and multiple countries in Latin America.

I will be participating that week in a few of the events:

Tuesday August 17th

Link Building Basics
Discover how search engines rely on link analysis as an important component for ranking web pages. You will also learn how to increase traffic to your site by building quality links in an appropriate manner.
• Moderator:
Bill Hunt, SES Advisory Board & President, Back Azimuth Consulting
• Speakers:
Christoph Cemper, Managing Director,
Debra Mastaler, President, Alliance-Link
Richard Stokes, CEO, AdGooroo

Thursday August 19th

Enterprise Level SEO
The enterprise level SEO session is designed to meet the specific challenges of large enterprise organizations. Topics for discussion will include SEO tactics specific to large sites (sites with thousands, if not millions of pages), the challenges of educating key stakeholders in the organization including budgeting issues, and implementation hurdles common to large organizations including CMS issues and IT team challenges. This session will also include a proven model of organization for your enterprise level SEO campaign as well as a summary of key metrics that you should be measuring to drive ongoing SEO strategy. If you are the SEO point person for an enterprise level organization with a lot of moving parts, this session is for just of you!

• Moderator:
Seth Besmertnik, CEO, Conductor, Inc.
• Speakers:
Crispin Sheridan, SES Advisory Board & Sr Director of Search Marketing Strategy, SAP
Bill Hunt, SES Advisory Board & President, Back Azimuth Consulting
Ray “Catfish” Comstock, Director of SEO, BusinessOnLine
Guillaume Bouchard, Co-founder and CEO, NVI

Friday August 20th

Crispin Sheridan from SAP and I will kick the day off with a fast paced keynote on developing a blueprint for Global Marketing in an ever increasing digital world..

A Blueprint for Global Marketing in a Digital World
What are the issues you need to consider when moving into a global market? Learn about opportunities in new markets and logistical and cultural issues. These two seasoned marketing practitioners will share insights on developing and deploying a global digital marketing program and measuring and monitoring performance.

I will then be back on in the afternoon to moderate the China Workshop

China Marketing Workshop
Global marketing experts will drill down to discuss country-specific trends and best practices for marketing in these countries and regions. Discussions will explore the most relevant marketing channels and their evolution in each region, from search, mobile, display advertising, and social media.

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Best SXSW 2010 Social Media Panels – Go Vote

South By Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) opened its panel picker on Monday allowing the community to vote for the panels that should be added to the event. You can vote until September 4th 2009. The actual interactive event will be March 12 – 16, 2010. For those who are not aware, there are also music and film events before during and after the interactive week.

The SXSW panel picker process is one of the coolest ways of developing conference content and validating market and attendee interest. Over 2,000 sessions are submitted because it is one of the coolest events around and everyone wants to be on the panels. Continue reading Best SXSW 2010 Social Media Panels – Go Vote

Observations from SES San Jose 2009

Last week Search Engine Strategies celebrated its 11th consecutive year as a west coast conference. I recall being at the first SES in San Francisco and have only missed one of the west coat shows since. I have to say that this one was one of the better I have attended. I got a good vibe from the attendees as well as the sophistication of the questions.

For the first time in a long time I got to attend sessions that I was not speaking on or moderating. It was great to sit in on sessions and not running to a dozen client meetings in the area because I was there or taking one of the hundreds of conference calls

I have to give Marilyn, Stuart and Jackie a lot of credit for developing a brilliant program. This time around there were 70 sessions with over 150 speakers. There will always be an issue with hacks on panels and it is immediately obvious, to the trained search marketers, which people that really dont know what they are talking about and people who just dont talk about anything of real substance. Not only do people just walk out they hammer them real-time on twitter.

It was disappointing that there was not a Google Dance this year I was at the very first where it was a boom box and people dancing on the volleyball court. But Google now believes that every breathing human knows who they are and there is no need to support and reach out to the audience who supports them. We can always count on Darren and Brandy to have the killer Search Bash and this year again topped all previous events. I loved the Alice in Wonderland theme and the DJ played just the right amount of 80s music to get the search old timers out on the dance floor.

Beyond the parties and the sessions, I still believe the best part about search conferences is the chance to network with my friends and peers. Without a doubt the people in the search industry are the most friendly and helpful around.

So what did I observe at SES?

Services/Software that I thought were cool

Wordstream they offer an interesting and robust keyword management solution that takes a lot of the drudgery out of managing your keywords. It starts w2ith any list and pulls it into the system, gets keyword popularity data via the Google API and starts a segmentation process that flows right into ad group development for Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Yield Software - this is a dream solution for small and medium companies that do not want to outsource their paid search and SEO programs. A fully integrated SEO/SEM solution that is surprisingly easy for anyone to deploy and manage.

AdGooroo not a new solution but they announced a more robust competitive analysis as well more keyword-centric data. Gary and team continue to impress with new features that align with how the more successful campaigns are managed.

Favorite Sessions

I moderated three sessions as part of the CMO Track at the event – so will say they are some of my favorites and a link to some blog coverage:

Just wanted to give a quick wrap-up. Once I sort through my notes I will post more.

SES San Jose – Special CMO Focused Track

This newly reformulated C-Suite track at Search Engine Strategies San Jose takes the conference to a new level by providing a truly strategic view into the mind of the CMO.

With the exception of the last session, the track is agency free. Only actual senior marketers from large and small brands are speaking. Not that agencies dont have anything to offer in this track, we wanted to hear from the marketer themselves what is happening and why is it just so damn hard to close that digital divide and make search a larger part of the overall marketing mix.

I have been knocking a the C-Suite for over 10 years trying to get them to understand search and have been the most successful when I put it into terms they can understand.

The C-Suite and the average Search Marketer are in two different worlds and until we in the search community can learn how they think and speak a language they understand we will never gain the mind and budget share search marketing rightfully deserves. As humbling as it is, Search Marketing is just not that important to take up much time in the mind of the CMO. It is not until we can understand and then integrate with those key concerns that we will get deeper into the organization.

We have created a special hash tag for the track to start getting questions and comments in advance post them on Twitter using #sescmo. If you have something you want to make sure gets covered, a question for the speakers post it at that hash tag and we will integrate it into the event.

The following is my interpretation of the sessions and the link to the actual description.

The Adaptive CMO: A New Paradigm for Digital Marketing

The first session will be a solo session from my previous boss, Brian Fetherstonhaugh, the Chairman & CEO, OgilvyOne Worldwide.

I suggested Brian for this session since he has a perspective that is unlike most at a large ad agency and the CMOs he works with that needs to be shared with the SES audience.

Brians session will set the stage for this C-Suite track and will provide a strategic view of how marketing is constantly evolving and will define the critical role that search must play. He will describe the Mind of the CMO and what we as Search Marketers must to get time in that crowded space.

I look to Brian to motivate the audience and speakers to understand the CMOs agenda and how we can collaborate with other marketing disciplines and tear down the silos. To understand we need to stop running individual races but join forces and work on passing the baton between activities to increase the performance and return on precious marketing dollars rather than competing for time and budget.

The View From the CMO’s Office

The second session of the morning tries to help us understand that illusive mind of the CMO and how they view search to get a better understanding of how we can work to push the right buttons to achieve greater awareness and a larger share of the pie.

I will moderate this presentation free session in the form of a Q&A with these senior marketers to really try to understand why there is a disconnect and how we can move forward in a more collaborative manner. The goal of this session is to explore what we can learn from each other. What do we as search marketers have to do to make the CMOs more aware of the value of search and social marketing activities.

The panelists of this session will represent the challenges of the CMO from two viewpoints: the traditional CMO and the CMO who has made the move to digital. The speakers for this session will provide interesting and candid insights into their world that we can all benefit from. I will do my best Larry King to try and pull from them the things that keep them awake at night and what keeps them from spending larger shares of their marketing budgets on digital techniques.

The panelists for this session are:

  • Gina Poole, Vice President, IBM Software Group Marketing 2.0, IBM
  • Liz Miller, Vice President, Programs & Operations, CMO Council
  • Kevin M. Ryan, CMO, WebVisible, Inc.

Integration: The New CMO Imperative

Fionn Downhill, CEO & President, Elixir Interactive will moderate this session which was one of the most popular at SES New York. Fionn will get to the heart of the issue that Brian will discuss the CMO Imperative of integrating digital into the overall marketing mix.

The session will discuss the popularity of sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook and how brands increasingly need to engage with their customers outside their website. The speakers promise to offer proven strategies for increasing brand awareness and protecting brand equity in today’s socially connected web as well as tactics that can be implemented in today’s resource and budget constrained environment.

Panelists for this session include:

  • Jessica Kornacki, Vice President of Marketing, Endless Vacation Rentals by Wyndham Worldwide
  • Sam Decker, Chief Marketing Officer, Bazaarvoice, Inc.
  • Gary Spangler, Corporate E-Marketing, DuPont

Budget Migration: Going Digital Without Impacting Your Brand

Fionn is up again moderating this next session on how to effectively shift money into search and social media. As I have always said there is no new money and we have to demonstrate how we will spend it as well and preferably better as the tactic we took the money from.

The speakers for this panel have been chosen since they have successfully redeployed significant resources from TV, radio and print and into digital tactics and they lessons they have learned around developing a business case, metrics and collaborating with other tactics to get maximum value from their budgets.

Panelists for this session include:

  • Crispin Sheridan, Senior Director of Search Marketing Strategy, SAP Marketing
  • Eli Goodman, Search Evangelist, comScore, Inc.

Performance Pricing Models: What Every CMO Must Know!

With many marketing organizations feeling the pain of financial pressures, pay for performance-pricing models are gaining popularity in search today. And why not, if search and social are the greatest and most effective marketing tactics why dont we reward performance?

In realty it is nearly impossible to do. Brands dont have or wont deploy the metrics and infrastructure necessary to truly measure success that would reward the agency. Even if they do have the metrics to demonstrate success many marketers are shocked at how much they actually have to pay in a performance program.

While it sounds daunting there is hope. The panelists in this session will cover the keys to developing a successful pay for performance pricing model including a thorough overview of the concept, how it can be applicable to both PPC and SEO, the chief benefits it offers. Moderated by Andrew Goodman from Page Zero Media will ensure attendees will receive actionable advice on the critical success factors needed to make a pay for performance model work, including the role of goals, benchmarking, performance metrics, historical data, scenario analysis, and tracking.

Panelists for this session include:

  • Paul Wilson, Chief Revenue Officer, iProspect
  • Andrew Beckman, President, Location3 Media
  • Vivek Bhargava, Managing Director, Communicate 2

I am looking forward to this track to help both senior marketers as well as search marketers understand the role and value of the other and forge new ground, ideas and approaches to better integrating search into the marketing mix for exponential success.

Register now to be part of this ground-breaking event!