Well, Mike and I finally got the 3rd Edition of Search Engine Marketing, Inc. out the door earlier this year. It is a complete rewrite of the previous editions. We now have more complimentary information on the companion book site Search Engine Marketing Inc

Pick up your copy today and let us know what you think.


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Personalized Search and Keyword Research

March 30, 2015

Tweet Jeff Beale from The Marketology Group just posted the link to our recent PodCast interview on the topic of personalized search and keywords research. We talked for nearly an hour with Jeff asking some really interesting questions trying to understand hwo we need to rethink doing keyword research based on the personalized nature of […]

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The Difference a Day Makes

October 1, 2013

Tweet In the past two days I have experienced the greed of hotels that are tying to exploit business travelers for events. Last night a friend of mine was In NYC from India and he had a rate of over $400 a night for the same hotel I was staying at a rate of $199. […]

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Big Data with No Thinking

August 19, 2013

Tweet Cleaning our my screen captures I found this grab that was good for a rant. Nearly 2 years ago I converted my Business Week subscription from print to digital for my iPad. Appearntly the non-digital side of Business Week was not aware of my transition. In a single day I receivied 3 offers from […]

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Loyalty and Mileage Awards Have a Higher Cost than Expected

March 30, 2013

Tweet First I have to admit, and most people who know me I am a mileage whore. Everyone who has traveled with me is always amazed at the ways I can find to accumulate miles. At my peak I was flying 300k plus miles a year and 150 nights in hotels so I was typically […]

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Capitalism, Good Business or Greed?

March 30, 2013

Tweet Here is another case where I have to question is this pure capitalism, good business practices or greed praying on those who are struggling? Progressive Insurance My son in Boston has progressive auto insurance.  He got an email notification that his car insurance was coming due.  It was interesting the various payment options available […]

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Stupid Systems or Greedy Airlines?

March 22, 2013

Tweet A few months ago I was looking to book a flight for my wife and I go to from Sydney to Auckland New Zealand while we are in the area for a conference.  Being a “very” loyal United customer I went there first to check on flights.   I was going to one big […]

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To many damn surveys

March 5, 2012

Tweet I recently traded in my tree hugger Prius for a Mini Cooper CountryMan which I love.  I really liked my Prius but got tired or not being able to quickly pull out from a cold stop and wanted something a little more upscale.   Anyways… since buying the car two months ago I have received […]

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Is the bad economy creating Cowardly Marketers?

November 28, 2011

Tweet I do think the bad economy (yes, its bad and not some scare tactic by Obama) and the fear of loosing their jobs that are causing some marketers to hide their heads in the sand and allow grossly under performing campaigns and programs continue to run. Until recently I had rarely encountered a marketer […]

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89% Uplift from Paid Search Clicks

November 15, 2011

Tweet Popular article republished from my Back Azimuth company blog. The above is the headline of a nice shinny object that Google is dangling in front of marketers. One that is being used out of context and I am sure has resulted in significant money being pissed away in paid search. Now, I am not […]

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